Best of the DJ Site

OK kiddies this week its coming a little early! I think I didn't post this up last week so I guess really instead of one day early its more like 6 days late. However at least this week I am being good. I'm playing tonight at Crusen's with McFly for Senior walk. It is going to be a blast and well, no way I will be able to get up early enough to post 500 songs tomorrow before work. Lets get into the goods shall we!

Electric Knockout (LL COOL J x JUSTICE) - Jay Velar Feat. King B download Dope old school jam over the new school electrofied banger

BOOM BOOM BOOM POW - DJ Nino Mashup - Black Eyed Peas x The Outhere Brothers download Sorta like the DJ Serafin track except more of both tracks are in this one so its pretty dope and will get play.

Hollywood [Stefan Ponce Remix] - Hollywood Holt download Sick remix of the Go anthem

CHOPPED & SKREWED & HOUSED - DJ BLAST - T-Pain & Ludacris download Dope uptempo track, still looking for the Mano mix if anybody has it hit me up!

D.T.F. - Shoops download

Love Is A Drug (Left/Right Remix) - The Kickdrums download

Star Patron (DJ Royale Mix) - Paradiso Girls feat. LIl Jon & Kanye West download House-y sort of B'more mix with some dashes on Kanye to start it off. Pretty sick.

Well thats it for this week folks, be sure to come check me out tonight at Crusen's and tomorrow at SOPs!