Big Time Bangers

A few smash hits for you. The first is a new Dave Wrangler remix of Overnight Celebrity by Kanye West and Twista. You will most likely recognize the music. Dope drums, almost has a juke feel.

Overnight Celebrity (Dave Wrangler Remix) - Twista feat. Kanye West download

Pitbull got the hook up from FnDannyBoy and so did we. Bull's Blanco record gets the usual fat synth and banging drum treatment that always works so well from the homey Fn Danny Boy! Just wait until the OG of this record starts to heat up.

Blanco (FnDannyBoy Remix) - Pitbull downoad

One more treat to get your appetite wet for the new Terry Urban project....

Terry Urban and Gold Coin present: SouthernGold from Flique Creative on Vimeo.