ZZ Top Vs. Kanye West

So I was definitely not going to post any more remixes of Love Lockdown. Is this really the future of music? I guess so and I guess it isn't all bad. Artist releases song on the internet to see if it buzzes before he drops the video and in the meantime 800 DJs remix it? Yea well I guess it could be worse. Anyway here is remix 801 of Love Lockdown but it is one of the best I have heard! Thanks to shades for posting this up. Sounds like you missed the loop by just a millisecond during the verses, there seems to be a little pop but hey that ain't gonna keep me from playing this heater!

Love Lockdwon (Shades Remix) - ZZ Top vs. Kanye West zshare

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Posted on October 10, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes, White Folks Get Crunk.