Janie's Got a Gun - Humps Remix

Hello 1990's! This song brings back some memories haha. Sorry Humps but I can't find you anywhere out there. So hit me up and I will get you linked up! Anyway excellent job the chops on the hook are crucial and the bounce surprisingly works great for the tune. Its like you really want to dance to this depressing record now. Also don't get it twisted there is no portion of My Humps by BEP at all in it, which was sort of what I was expecting from the title. Wish I knew where you were Humps or even where I got this from so I could give some rep because I love it! Update....check out the hump day project here!

Janie's Gotta Hump (Humps Remix) zshare

Posted on October 9, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.