You Softer Than Roseanne's Son

Alright, long week. Good getaway up to chicago last weekend. Shout out to The Starters and Don P all them dudes I was with. So yea where have I been? Catching up on sleep and relaxing. So to make it up to you here comes an UBER POOOOST! Hot trap music from the #1 trap spot on the net

We Be Steady Mobbn - Lil Wayne & Gucci Man download

Next up on the slate of ish that needs to be discussed... New Jem Remix of Every Girl In The World. GOES HARD!

Every Girl (I WannaTalkToSampson RMX) - DJ Jem download

Not enough? Check this flick here, straight dope. OLD SCHOOL. Ok the track is new and fresh from Deekline  & Tim Healey's new label Giant Pussy. Peep it because its time to get funky to this cut. Grab there stuff from beatport.

Dig that? You probably will dig the mix to accompany the launch of the new single and label. Download it here. The mix does include this jam. Can't wait until it drops!

More goodies? Yea you have been missing out on your crunkeness. Medley hooked up his new mixtape, the official Dance Like You Fuck Mix, which includes 52 bangers. Grab it here.

How about one more dance tune? You know its ill when the homey DJ Dan touches it.

The Real Slim Shady (DJ Dan Remix) - download

Alright just one more. Dave Wrangler hooked up this super funky mash of Day N Nite. Just one more time lets do the Day N Nite thing. OK done. Probably not. Hell I will probably make 2 more mashes of it at least.

Day 'N' Nite (Dave Wrangler Remix) - Kid Cudi download

Well that was sporadic and fun. Maybe the next post will be a little more organized. O yea Michael Jackson died. I played lots of Michael Jackson last week. Not going to post any of the music floating around now, frankly too much for me to even listen to. Come to Cam's tonight, SOP's tomorrow night! See ya there.

Go ahead cop a hat to celebrate!