Lets Talk about Girls, or Girl Talk Interview!

So what seems like ages ago now, a big festival called Summer Camp gets thrown around my way. Which is pretty much a massive hippie fest with a few oddball acts. This year there was Method Man and Redman, from what I heard the crowd was dissinterested in. Also this year Girl Talk returned for the second year in a row. I was able to catch the beginning of his show this year and I can tell you the crowd was electric. From what I am told it is the highest energy performance at Summer Camp. I also got the privilege of getting to meet Greg and sit down to ask him a couple questions before hand. photo from the homey at http://sideburns13.deviantart.com/

How long have you been doing what you’re doing now? Making these mixed up party tracks. Prior to the Girl Talk project, when I was like 15 or 16 I was making some experimental music in a band with lots of experimental chopping of tracks on a 4-track recorder. Skipping CDs that sort of stuff. I got my first laptop at 18.

Do you still do the biomedical engineering work? How long were you Girl Talk before you spilled the beans to your co-workers?

I worked there for 3 years out of college. I always played with bands so it was kind of different; it was hard to explain to them what I was doing. The project started on a very small scale, playing at people’s parties and stuff. It picked up last year, I never told them, but they caught on. My old bosses niece and son have been to some of my shows.

How many cease and desist threats would you say have you received? Zero. I believe in the fair use doctrine in united states copyright law. I can definitely say I have never received a threat.

How would you describe your experience with the Feed the Animals distribution model? Do you plan on doing it the same way next time? It was cool. It was like Christmas morning, we woke up and boom it was on the internet immediately. I make more off doing shows and really I don’t look at this as my career anyway. The idea was to see how quickly and efficiently we could reach all the people. As far as doing it again its really up in the air. Depends on what the future brings.

Is that your house on the cover? and is the yard really on fire?

The house is actually the parents house of the guy who did the artwork. We wanted to actually light it on fire, but it didn’t really work out. photo from the homey at http://sideburns13.deviantart.com/

As an artist how would you describe the way you feel about music blogs in general?

It’s a very exciting time period right now. Its frustrating once you get to that level, everybody has an opinion, but its how it should be. The divide between corporate music and underground is really shrinking. There would have not been able to be a Girl Talk 15 years ago, maybe just on college radio back then. There is a lot of help with the blogs and peer to peer networks. What software do you use to make your tracks? Or is that a trade secret?

Audio Mulch to perform and Adobe Audition to make the tracks. I’m always working on new stuff, I’m really into improvising on stage. Everything is isolated, the kicks the snares, each melody. I try to keep my tracks together for the most part. The fans like to hear the songs they know.

Where do you cut most of your samples from? CD, digital, Vinyl? Do you have stacks of vinyl sitting around at home? CD mostly. I have always had a lot of CDs. I do buy some downloads and Vinyl but generally most of the samples I use comes from CDs.

What kind of music do you listen to in a casual environment? A lot of Hip Hop, mainstream Hip Hop. I’m constantly partying so sometimes I like to listen to something different. The oldies station in Pittsburgh is crazy, they even play 80’s. I listen to soft rock chilled out stuff too so I can get away from the party stuff all the time.

Best way for the fans to get the album if they don’t? How far away do you think we are from the next Girl Talk project?

A year or two.

OK I wasn’t sure if you were a sneaker head but I see you have some Jordan’s on so I have to ask, what is your favorite all time sneaker.

Yea I’m not really a fiend, but I would say the 7’s that were black, purple and pink with the little triangles on them. I had them when I was younger and just bought the remakes yesterday. I haven’t found a pair of originals yet but would love to.

The experience was definitely killer. I hope he comes back again next year. I wish I had a dope new unheard girl talk track to share with you, but I don't. If you are unfamiliar with him, which I highly doubt you are if you are at my website, well check out this jam to get your teeth wet.

Hands In The Air - Girl Talk download

You really should go ahead and support the Girl Talk project and get the whole album which can be purchased for whatever you want.

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