Who Sampled Dat? Birdman & Jay Sean // Morgan Page feat. Lissie & Deadmau5

Killer site I just came about this morning. WhoSampled.com. Community to share your sample findings. Some people to make stuff up, and others to tell them they just made that up. Anyway I had been bad mouthing this birdman joint earlier this week. Comes to find out it has a Deadmau5 sample. Pretty nutty. Either way, Birdman still can't spit a hot one on these uptempo jams. Stick to the stunner music Baby! get the mp3


get the mp3

Certainly prefer the later. Who produced this track? Somebody let me know. Is one dude doing all these? Like did the same cat that did this do Pitbull's Hotel Room and Sean Paul's Feel It? Or are there just a ton of cats hitting this gold mine now? Somebody school me on the state of hip hop.

Posted on October 7, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes, Stuff.