The Magic 3

OK couple more cuts for all yall party people out there. First one is a killer rap tune from a new favorite over here at WFGC, M. Beezy! Might remember his Holton Street Hop jam from a while back. Comes correct yet again with his new jam "Magic Number 3" which you might be able to guess borrows some throwback School House Rock vocals and music but puts a bit of a twist on it about a couple chicks...user your imagination.

Magic Number 3 - M. Beezy zshare 

Holton Street Hop (reup) - M. Beezy zshare 

Schoolhouse Rock Ok, you know you just read that and thought 'Damn, School House Rock was the shit!'

OK can i post just one more remix of Lollipop? Not sure there might be a few more cats out there that haven't remixed this yet. So I didn't want to but I couldn't help but post this one because the Disco Villains freaking destroyed it. Best remix I've heard so far of it. Thanks to Hot Biscuits for this jam.

Lollipop (Disco Villains Remix) - Lil Wayne zshare 

Lil Wayne Download Lil Wayne, cuz he's cash mooooney!

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Posted on August 8, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes, Hood Music.