Jordan Would Be Proud

bullspinstripesadd.jpgbullsblackfrontadd.jpg Ok, ok, came correct with these just released Chicago Bulls Custom New Era 59/50 Fitteds. First up is the Pinstripes Chicago Bulls Custom fitted.  This hat is all white with black pinstripes on the front, sides and back of the hat. The embroidered 'CHICAGO' is in red, with the Script Bulls logo in red and outlined in black. The top of the bill is in black, and the bottom of the bill is in red. The back of this hat has the embroidered 'windy city bulls' logo in red and black. This hat is sick, and my personal favorite.

Next is the Chicago Bulls Script New Era custom fitted. This hat is all black, with the top of the bill in red, and the bottom of the bill in black. 'Chicago' is ebmroidered in red, and the script embroidered 'BULLS' is in red and outlined in white. The back of the hat has the embroidered windy city bull logo in red, white and black.

Both of these custom fitteds go with countless pairs of Air Jordan shoes. These are both only limited to a total of 30 pieces each. Go check them out exclusively at

Posted on August 9, 2008 and filed under Fashion, Stuff.