Talk With Yo Hips Girl

Alright I am mad tired. So far the first 4 hours at work were not exactly fun. McFly! I think we had one too many jager bombs last night. Speaking of last night, thanks for errybody for coming out! We had a blast, worked out some kinks in DJing on 4 decks and, I think, just about have it down. I believe we are doing it again next week so stay posted. Because I was out djing all night and had to get up for work this morning, there is no best of post yet. But it is coming don't you worry your little booty. Probably not until tomorrow but its all good, just gives everybody one more day to sneak in tracks for this week. Here is a track that I played last night, the OG is all over 40 radio right now and this is pretty close so people can barely tell its a remix but is way better.

Don't Trust Me (MASTAMONK & DJ EARTH ReFiX) download

Posted on April 24, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes.