Risk One Interview!

We were finally able to grab a little of Risk One's time to get him to answer a couple of our questions. Can't blame the guy between rocking the dopest clubs in Seattle and Las Vegas and making some of the illest

mash's for your top 40 pleasure, I bet the guy is awfully busy. We love the way you do what you do!

1. How long have you been spinning? About 8 1/2 years now.

2. You Serato all the time now? Yessirr! I'm a tech geek so I was actually on Stanton Final Scratch 1.0 when it first came out (years before Serato) It was crap, but back then it was better than spending hundreds a month on mainstream club vinyl. I was already up on Rane equipment, so when Serato came out I bought it same day.

3. When was the last time you went to a record store and picked up wax?
I actually just hit up the record store this past weekend for the first time in years! however I didn't purchase haha. I saw some things I liked, but just went and downloaded them online. If I can get the MP3 I don't see the point in spending $12 on the wax. Unless i'm trying to keep it real.. which i'm not.
4. Describe the difference between playing in your hometown and playing in Vegas.
Well, any traveling DJ will probably tell you that when it comes down to it, everyone listens to the same shit. Yes there are regional differences, but every chick in america wants to hear "boots with the fur" at 12:30. The biggest misconception of Vegas is that you can play all sorts of bugged out shit b/c "its Vegas"... its the exact opposite. This is a tourist town so you gotta play right down the middle, music everyone can agree on. Commercial Hiphop/Top40, and Commerical House, big hits all night. Thats what the crowd wants, thats what the owners want.
5. How did you link up with your DJ Crew the bumsquad?
Well I knew a handful of the dudes just from around the way, and Latin Prince knew of me from Crooklyn Clan.. DJ Girl 6 knew us both and got us on the phone together. We chopped it up for a bit and then it was a wrap. Went to the Family Reunion a few months later and met the rest of the Bumz.
6. What gear do you use (software or hardware) to make your remixes?
Not a whole lot.. Ableton is definitely the hub. I have a handful of VST plug-ins, the M-audio Axiom keyboard, and Logic Pro.
7. What is your favorite pair of sneakers of all time?
Man, Air Max 90s hands down! I don't think more comfortable shoes exists, except for maybe those hideous rubber things they sell at the mall haha..
Still sleep on the one and only Risk 1? Be sure to check him out on his myspace and grab his most recent mix here.
And also one of his most recent jams he hooked us up with a while back, a refix of busta rhymes and Brittany Spears 'Break the Ice'.
Don't Touch Me (Risk One Broken Ice Fix) - Busta Rhymes mediafire
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