I know some people asked about NYE bangers. Well there are a billion countdown packs out there. And really I'm not too excited about any of them. Well Flavor Skank put together a real big one. Make sure you remember that name. Flavor Skank, whoever or whatever it is, big things in 2010. Anyway here is the download to the Class Fatman Scoop joint. Video is hilarious check it out.


Almost as funny is my video for Poppin Bottles tonight at Cam's.

Hope to see you out if you are in the Peoria area tonight. We are gonna rock super hard.

DJs if you need a countdown, here is one that just goes into a synth build up so you can play whatever track you want at 12. What is everybody going to play? I have checked out a ton of the NYE tracks over at the dj site. Some good stuff. You better go check that out.

download NYE countdown

Posted on December 31, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes.