Gig Bag Essentials!

Nice article over at DJ Tech Tools reminding you about what should be in your gig bag. Some may seem obvious to you but I bet there is a thing or two in this article that may have grown to be overlooked in your time for you. I never get to a gig without a camera and video camera, and I take lots of pictures, even though I tend to do nothing with them. Good to know I have them I suppose.

Here is their run down for a local gig.

  1. Powered light <- I still need one of these
  2. Business Cards
  3. Earplugs <- I should have some of these
  4. Back up CD
  5. USB cables
  6. Paper, Pen and Mix CDs
  7. Camer/Video Camera
  8. 1/8" Adaptor
  9. Extra Power Supply

Check out the article

Posted on December 30, 2009 and filed under Stuff.