LMFAO talks about stuff & things

Yours truly got the chance to have a chat with the one and only LMFAO last week. These guys have been making some of my favorite jams now for the past few years and really were some big time influences on the whole White Folks Get Crunk idea. If their jams don't get you crunk check your damn pulse. Anyway hear what they had to say about djing, miami, jerking, the new album, shades without lenses and everything else I could think to ask them....

So where are you guys at right now? We're up in the upstairs bedroom finishing up mastering our album right now. Its due to the label by 6.

Repping Miami pretty hard in your track, I'm sure you have now been there more than a few times.....I saw on your myspace you are from Hollywood, so what is the biggest difference between Miami and Hollywood?

The generic difference is like Miami, now we're talking about South Beach. You're going there and its still the tourism. You got all the fine ass women and party, college kids, but its tourism. Even back in the day though the rappers were all on that uptempo shit, straight up party music. Partying by the beach man, thats really where Vegas got that from, its all the Miami feel. And down in Miami its always hot, the weather isn't the same, its even hot when it rains in Miami, real tropical. Hollywood I would say is more progressive in the style though. We walk around and its more normal there than it is in Miami.

What track, you guys didn't do, gets you crunk in the club right now. DJ Chucky T, let the bass kick. We actually have a remix/mashup out there with that joint, thats actually how we found out about it. But you know Riverside is hot right now. Really theres this whole new movement, bubblin' I think is what its called. We just got back from Holland they have been on it for like 5 years now, they are tired of it. But like that Pitbull jam you know you want me it has that bubblin feel with the drums. Anything really with the claps (clap clap clap).

Oh like the clap on the bass drum? Yea the claps on the bass drum. Also that jerkin, kinda hyphy beats. I really don't know how to jerk, I mean I have like one move down but I really don't have the whole thing down.

Come on Foo you know you can jerk.

I also am starting to get into the dubstep movement. Its dope sounds dope but its kinda like most the dubstep records I've heard are kind of missing something. I need to really dig into it more though. We haven't really been djing because we have all the artist shows right now, but after the album we will be doing more djing so I will need to dig into the dubstep before that.

Do you guys work on your own beats? What Kind of gear do you use? Yea, Abelton. Like strictly abelton, everything, vocals, mastered, mixing we do it all in there. We do it all right here in this same room. We have been running around doing vocals elsewhere lately, like we will vibe with Lil Jon on a track so we go get in the big studio with him, but for the most part we do it all right here.

You guys have a super crazy dope style you have come up with, much respect to doing your own thing. I love wearing the loud colors myself. Where did the glasses without the lenses come from? We kinda invented that down in miami, wearing shades in the club. Its cool you know the drug dealers are doing it so we were on that cool shit. I thought I was with the right people, dancing on the floor with a bunch of people. Somebody grabbed me like, yo why you dancing with those fat dudes? Doodey, doodey doodey booty. I mean I was drunk too. But then I popped out the lenses and they were the white frame ones. The girls started to come up after that like 'yo those are dope' and wanting to rock em in pictures so I knew we were onto something. When the chicks love it you are really onto something there.

OK one last question on the fashion tip, 9 times out of 10 what kind of sneaker will you rock? Yea, this Red Foo, I only wear Vans, I rocked some K Swiss to play ball in the other day, but really they were even lowtops. We grew up in LA around, close to where the Z Boys movie took place. I been rocking vans ever sense. I been rocking chucks since I was 5 but really rock the vans all the time now too. We also got the Party Rock shoes coming up, so it'll be all Vans and Party Rock. But you know how it is eventually you will just rock everything you make yourself.

I know the album is dropping real soon, run down the details on that for us. I just want to say that the Party Rock album is going to change the world. We are listening to it right now back to front mastering it and I'm real excited. More excited than I have ever been. The way we put it together is like the show. Kinda like how a stand up comic is going to go through his routine in a night. People really aren't working on albums anymore, and the industry doesn't even think they matter. They really were telling us not to worry about doing an album, but we had to. Especially out the gate like this we needed one for the history books. People are going to be like 'yea we need this whole album', you're going to want to roll around to it, everything.

I really had a blast talking to these cats and can't wait to catch a show one of these days. They even wanted to talk to me about White Folks Get Crunk after my interview of them which, of course, was totally cool. How about some LMFAO jams?

Rather Not a Whore (DjMkWst) DIRTY - LMFAO x 3-6 Mafia download shout out to DJ McFly for the hook up on this jam!

Boom Boom Pow (Risk One PartyRock ReFix) - Black Eyed Peas x LMFAO download of course the big homey Risk One hooked this jam up

Love Game (Party Rock Remix) - Lady Gaga x LMFAO download the new Gaga jam gets the super energy rework treatment from LMFAO