First annual national music bloggers day

OK yesterday was a wild one, everybody who was in on the fun knows all about it. What stemmed from somebody (I don't even remember who it was now) sending out an email to just about every music blogger on the earth and not using the bcc feature, has now grown into a fantastic group of bloggers connecting! YAY INTERNET! Funniest part was, probably 150+ emails into the reply all, the guy who started with the original email asked to opt out. Craziness. So that kept me pretty busy yesterday, and well most of this morning. I however owe the world a bunch of tunes. So here are as many as I can get up before my lunch break is over, enjoy!

Good Girls Go Bad ( I WannaTalkToSampson Electro RMX) - Cobra Starship download download

Girls - Pitbull (shout out to Leak download

I Does (FnDannyBoy Does All Da Hoooes Remix) - The Show feat Mannie Fresh download

Takin Patrone N Tequila - Big Steve Gee BLEND (CLUB) - Paradiso Girls feat Lil Jon download

Can't believe I missed this one first time around, I bet I play it all month. Shout out to Resonator Mag one of the zillion new blogs I checked out yesterday. Rock It Out (UNK vs. Phunk-a-Delic) - Grizz Le Beast download

Sadly I don't remember which one of the zillion blogs I scooped this off of. If it was you let me know! Hood B'more music at its finest! Brings back fond memories of jamming Pastor Troy in my s-10 when I was super gutter. :) Dope Boy (The State Remix) - Pastor Troy download