Cash Money, a long time ago...

OK first spotted this write up this morning at The cool cats over at Amoeba wrote quite the piece on the history of Cash Money Records. Going way, way back to before I knew they even existed. And believe me I have some old stuff I managed to find in used CD shops. LIl Slim, Pimp Daddy, UNLV, some crazy shit was going on way back in the day. This write up tells the tale of one of the big labels that shaped the sound of rap music today. Check out the whole story of the indy years of Cash Money Records at Amoeba. Seriously if for no other reason than to look at their old ridiculous CD covers. And there are tons collected in the article.

Where is the bling? Sorry whody, no hip new dance tunes, just an old school record from the bottom of the map. At one time I posted another Pimp Daddy song. Check out the old school bounce write up from when I first found Nola

Breakin Off Some (Ft. Lil Slim) - Pimp Daddy download

Posted on August 20, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes, Hood Music, Stuff.