Burnt Piano in the buillllding, New B'more Jay Z & Kelly Clarkson vs. Put Your Hands Up For Detroit

I have been following this cat for a while now. Check him out at burntpiano.com. He just hooked me up with his latest a B'more rework of Jay Z'a 'Roc Boyz'. Check out how he reflipped the sample, straight dope and his drum use on this track is killer. I also am feeling this Since You Been Gone vs. Put Your Hands Up For Detroit. Peep the first time the hook comes in and he kind of teases you for a bar. I would have taken out some of the stuff he added after Kelly was done like the Love Me or Hate Me Sample with the Drop the Pressure under it. Overall it's just about as hot as the Sexyback vs. Hands Up. Speaking of...if anybody has that joint in 192 kbps or better let me know.

Since You Been Gone (Burntpiano DJ Edit) Kelly Clarkson

Roc's In The House (Burntpiano B'more Mix) Jay-Z

Posted on March 6, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.