Yay Mashups

A couple new fun ones to share with errybody. First one I heard for the first time over at Digital Eargasm.  Cranking floor pleaser Jesse Garcia vs. Eminem. Simix, nice job...let me know if you're out there!

Off The Shady (2007 Simix Remix) YSI | Speedyshare

The next one I first checked out over at Missing Toof. Which of course we love them because they did pick up my remix of Snap Yo Fangaz over there too! But this jam is a B'moreish jam with the smashing pumpkins handing over guitars to Slim Thug and the underground smash he was in a few years back "Still Tippin". Nicely done!

Still Tippin (Hensforths Smashing Punk Remix) YSI | Speedyshare

white folks get crunk funny T

Who doesn't want a white folks get crunk t shirt?

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