Wreckx N Effect vs. M.I.A.

LINK FIXED! I dunno how long I have been out of the know on this one, but glad I know about it now. I love this jam. And they both say "All I wanna do is..." who knew? Never put that together. Alan Astor is the same cat who put out that killer electro-ey "Kiss Kiss" remix so go grab that too. And check out Alan Astor's myspace. And both this record and the Kiss Kiss remix is from his mix "Astor 106" so grab that while you are shitting around at work. I can't wait to check that out today.

Paper Planes (Alan Astor Remix) - M.I.A. feat. Wreckx-N-Effect MF

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Posted on October 16, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.