Wheres Your Head at?....right round!

This is a mashup of an electro, klaas sort of sounding remix, of 'Where's Your Head At' by the Basement Jaxx (actually its a cover more than a remix) and Flo Rida's 'Right Round'. So...electro sounding remix of 'Right Round' with a few 'whereeeees your head at?' thrown in between verses by some people who are not the Basement Jaxx, thats fa sho. Not a bad jam though. I have the file listed as Serafin. Serafin you do this homey?

Where's Your Right Round Head - Flo Rida x Basement Jaxx download

Speaking of Flo Rida, got a few of his new joints recently. Not sure if this is on his album or not but pretty cool sample of "Oh Oh its Magic". Heartfelt fun party song about his struggles in life.

Magic - Flo Rida download

Posted on March 26, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes.