What Am I Gonna Do With All These Songs?

Ok first of, DJ ERB! WOW! What a concept, mashing up the blues brothers soundtrack. Plus I love your motto, "I don't make music, I make it better" HA! Shake A Tailfeather vs. Cupid Shuffle

Gimme Some Lovin vs. Flo-Rida Low

OK next order of business, had to get a request for Pete out there...thanks Bri! Don't know who did this song or where it came from if you do let me know so I can link them up.

Barracuda vs. Hollaback Girl

OK just a couple more now I've picked up this week.

Bad Ass B'more Mix of Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N Roses

Sweet Assed Child O Mine (DJ Donna Summer Remix)

Mickey Factz whats up? This boy goes hard. Check him out here killing the song from the Caveman insurance company commercial. You know the one when he was walking down the moving sidewalk and he sees the caveman advertisement. Anyway check him out and grab his mixtape here if you like the track below.

You Remind Me ft. Jesse Boykins III - Mickey Factz

Posted on February 7, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.