WeSC Headphone Giveaway

If you aren't subscribed to our email newsletter shame on you. Not only that everyone who is got a slight jump on your chances of winning these WeSC headphones.

So after taking a few days trying to figure the toolbar thing out at the very bottom of your browser window, it works a little something like this. You login with your facebook account. You get 5 points for checking in (which you can do every 30 minutes), you get one point for sharing a post, page, category, whatever to your facebook or twitter account. The fun really starts when people click on your shared post or tweet and then re-share it themselves. You get juice from all those clicks and shares as well.
This post would be a great one to start sharing. I bet it will get a lot of clicks and re-shares.
Its pretty easy, you already have a facebook account. The best part is it helps White Folks Get Crunk grow which means more music, more exclusives, more features etc.

The first person to reach 5,000 points on the leaderboard will get a prize pack sent to them including these brand new WeSC headphones! Good luck!

PS if you want to be sure and get added to our email list just comment on this post and we'll take care of it!

I'm On One ft. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne (Karetus Remix)