Uptempo Rap, where o where did you come from?

Ok so bass music has been a blast. Love it to the death. And ever since it came about in the 80's all the Miami rappers would drop a few uptempo bangers on every release and they would tickle my bass bone. Then Flo Rida came and made it big doing these uptempo pop friendly tracks. Now everybody is doing the damn thang. It is getting dangerously close to being played out. Ok forget that it is played out already. I was riding home last night and heard Baby Slim aka the Birdman rapping on an uptempo track on both 'urban' stations. Now I was a huge Big Tymers fan so its not like I'm just a Birdman hater, "How U Luv That Vol 2" is a straight heater. Really you can't even hate on his rap skills anyway because well he doesn't really have any, but he 'isn't a rapper he is a game spitter.' All that said his new track is garbage and I hope they stop playing it faster than it sprung up on me yesterday. But it isn't all bad, here are a few of these new fangled uptempo bangers that I do dig.

Chavez put me on this one. You will recognize the sample fa sho. Drop That (Feat. Flo-Rida, Brisco & Ball Greezy) - Mista Mac download

This one came from a Fool's Gold rappin ass thursday from a few weeks ago talking about the same thing. Starting to really love rappin ass thursdays. Black Shades (feat. Ball Greezy & Billy Blue) - Brisco download

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Posted on September 30, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes, Hood Music.