UH OOOO, VEGAS BABY! Juney Boomdata - DJ Chaos Remix

Alright one more quick one before I hop on that jet plane. Just a reminder, you won't hear from me all week I will be soaking up the sun in vegas! I will let you know how freaking dope the trip was when I get back :) DJ Chaos has definitely started to wreck the breakbeat scene super hardcore. Just check out this Juney Boomdata remix of 'Wassup Wit Dem Cookies'. Juney is definitely starting to get a little traction too. Check him out for your hood music party jam needs. I know I posted a few other jams from him before.

Wassup With Them Cookies (DJ Chaos Remix) - Juney Boomdata ft. Soulja Boy download

Posted on April 5, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes.