Too White Crew plus I was on a boat mutha f$kka

Wild weekend ya'll! First up played for the Chi O's....on a boat! freaking cool is that?! And yes I played "I'm on a Boat" 4 times. Then went and played SOPs for Club KISS with my man DJ Renaissance from STL. Then Saturday I played with Too White Crew down at Crusen's on Farmington Road.

On to some new music. Heard the new Pitbull record for the first time Saturday morning in the shower on KISS FM and YES! Love it. Of course I was like 'oh man this is going to be huge and I could do a mash of it with that track that goes "these sounds fall into my mi-e-i-e-iiiind". Got out of the shower and went digging, found this SICK mash with The Buckethead's "The Bomb" by DJ Tripp over at APC. Serious party tune. DJ Tripp beat me to it!

I Know You Want To Bomb Me (Pitbull VS Bucketheads) download

Posted on March 30, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes.