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So as you all know by now, I got to get up to Chicago last week and check out my first Tittsworth live set. Boy o boy was I feeling myself. Set rocked, Tittsworth is a cool cat, and of course Smartbar is ill. Big ups to the bartenders for the crazy drinks and Pete for the place to lay my head. Sadly the night of the event we didn't get to do the interview due to a big delay at the DC airport. Never fear, we caught up recently. Check it out...

Us - You work with many different artists on the album 12 Steps. Any one artist you were surprised by, one artist who really brought something to the album that you weren't really expecting? A different tone or flow that might have changed the feel of the song?

Tittsworth - I felt kid sister brought it harder than i ever imagined. always knew her to be good, but what she recorded for "WTF" really put her in another category of MC in my eyes.

I've seen you on the mtv interview rocking a boss sampler. What kind of gear did you use for the tracks on 12 Steps? I used a computer almost strictly... reason 3.5 and nuendo. Because I was on the road so much, we got somebody to do all of the mixing and mastering (which included some hardware). Sometimes I use a midi controller to drum in a pattern or notes, sometimes i'm on the plane and I just beat the rhythm right into the laptop by banging on the mouse (that's probably why my mouse doesn't work so well and i'm missing a control key).

Explain the difference in your approach as the producer of an album, compared to your individual projects.

This is the first time (in a long long long time) where I could write and not have to think about a dance floor STRICTLY. I would have to consider the ipod audience and those who were not DJ's. I always have them in the back of my mind, it's second nature, but this was definitely a unique challenge in that regard. Also with an album, I couldn't rely on samples or gimmicks.

What was your favorite city to visit while on tour? What was your favorite venue you played while on tour? I have a lot of the same favorites that you probably hear most dj's say... I really dig Sydney, Brazil is a blast, Toronto is a home away from home. I really enjoy those little sleeper cities like Malmo, Sweden where I get requests for Miss Tony tracks and 300 kids will sing along with songs you don't expect to leave Baltimore.

What is your favorite venue in Chicago? So far, Smartbar. every time I play there I can play HARD, I don't have to hold back and I can incorporate house music (a guilty pleasure of mine.. not so guilty in the Chi).

Who have you had the wildest set djing with in the past year? Dave Nada. In Winnipeg I remember wondering where he was, only to find him hanging from the ceiling rafters, pouring drinks into the mouths of people a story below him.

What is your favorite place to shop for records in the whole world? I don't really shop for records anymore, sadly. The good news is when I buy something now, it's something I really really want (instead of something I might need for a specific dance floor or crowd). Generally that's the occasional ebay purchase, often an old rave record or a classic jazz album.


If you didn't know, Tittsworth new album, '12 Steps', is due out August 12th. Check out the album sampler here with a few cuts on it featuing; Kid Sis, Pase Rock, The Federation, Nina Sky & Pitbull. Of course you also know we're going to throw a classic at you!


Just What I Needed (Tittsworth Edit) - The Cars zshare 

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