The Ting Tings ... LazrTagged!

Lazrtag is one of those remixers who has yet to disappoint me. Now the Ting Tings on the other hand are one of those bands that everyone has been buzzing about but I have not bothered to take notice. But when Lazrtag sent me a mix, OK time to listen. The result? Dope electro indie rock goodness. And what do you know I kind of like the Ting Tings too. And yes I know this is super old now and everybody else has posted it probably...sorry for being so slow on this one buddy...but its killer and I couldn't help but share it still.

Shut Up and Let Me Go (LAZRtag Remix) - The Ting Tings zshare

Some more LAZRTAG. He is one of my favorites. No Homo.

Posted on August 29, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.