The Starters - Don't Be Scared

So right I don't usually post long mixes but you know what else I don't usually post on Saturdays! So its a win win? Anyway The Starters hooked me up with this new mix on the lowsky whoasky the other day and I checked it out. Got me through a couple days at the office so pretty sure you all will love it too.

No tracklist yet but as soon as they hook it up I will add it. Just download the thing it jams hard! UPDATE Tracklist in the comments.

Don't Be Scared

This one is on it....

Is this her for sure? I trust you google! Hot 'N' Cold (LMFAO Remix) - Katy Perry file savr

Of course a heater with LMFAO touching a top 40 jam.

Posted on January 16, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes, White Folks Get Crunk.