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So I know I have been slipping in my posting a bit. Well it has been lots of work getting 2.0 ready and here it is. Hope everyone loves the new format and please give us feedback so we can make it even better. So I have a few weeks worth of music for you and so I'm just going to throw it all at you at once so I'm 'caught up'. DJ ReMike is up first. Kinda a DJ tool made out of the Diplo remix of Flashing Lights, includes the ever popular Biggie chops from Juicy as the lead in is more original speed.

Flashing Lights (DJ ReMike Dance Rmx) zshare 

Kanye West Download Kanye West off iTunes!

Next up a total cheesafied tune from the Rewind 80's Project. But hey I love it and so will drunk chicks at the end of the night...thats fa sho. Killer joint guys

Heaven is a Place on Earth (Hidden Cat Remix) zshare 

Belinda Carlisle What?!?!? Hell yeah, download your Belinda Carlisle off iTunes!

DJ Deeon is in the building! Yea killer remix of the classic Gimme Head joint.

DJ Deeon! Send me a damn picture! I'm tired of putting up pictures of big booty hoes everytime I talk about you.

DJ Deeon Gimme Head (K.S REMIX) zshare 

A little along the lines of the last joint. Another remix of Lollipop, but a def banger. Lazrtag hooked this one up and you know he comes correct.

Lollipop (LAZRtag Remix) zshare 

Lil Wayne YEEEEAAAAAHHH!!! Lil Wayne on iTunes!

Next up a new mashup by Ludachrist (clever name) of what seems to be everyones current "must mash something up over this" Ghostbusters and Busta Bust's classic jam "Dangerous" which is not to be confused with Akon and Kardinal Offishal or however he spells his name.

Ghost Busta Rhymes zshare 

Ray Parker Jr You know you love Ray Parker Jr., get him on iTunes! Busta Rhymes This.. Is.. Serious, get your Busta Rhymes on iTunes!

Pretty slick remix of Throwed by Paul Wall. Sped up vocals a bit to fit the tempo, but still sounds dope and danceable. Tight work.

Throwed (Dj lillepige remix) - Paul Wall zshare 

Paul Wall Paul Wall, don't hate on him, get him on iTunes!

OK I got time for one more. This tune is incredible and helps to get me to play "I Kissed a Girl" and feeling so full of shame. Phenomena, one of my favorite remixes of the year so far. It's been floating around for a while now and I just never remembered to post it. So if you don't have it yet grab it you will not be disappointed.

I Kissed A Girl - Public's McFly Remix zshare 

Katy Perry Katy Perry kissed a girl, and liked it! That is enough reason to download her off iTunes.

If all that wasn't enough I also want to point out this podcast about the Remix Culture from NPR and this article about this law trying to get passed in the UK about the RIAA taxing internet users and using the gouda to pay record companies. Weak.

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Posted on August 4, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.