Tear Da Club Up - DJ Solly Mix

So if you are coming to my site, or have been coming to it you probably know a little about B'more by now. And if you know a little about B'more you definitely know about the jam "Tear Da Club Up". So I won't really go into it much. If you don't know about it, well shame on you. Just know it's one of the biggest B'more Jams ever and when you do download and listen to this mix from Solly you will probably be like "O yea I know this song". I mean I bet my girl would even know this song if I played it. Anyway Solly does a nice job of just putting some sprinkles of more ish on this already classic. solly and dlake...looks like some definite tear da club uppage is about to go on

Tear Da Club Up (Solly Remix) - DJ Class mediafire

Posted on January 9, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes.