Sunday Funday

Ok first off have to take care of some business, promised I would post this killer track by Egyptrixx. Awesome Fun Ghetto House Stuff. "Bitch go get yo Ass a JOB and leave my Ass alone!" Child Support - Egyptrixx

OK also, this weekend in the road tripping, mystikal came up in conversation. So here you go...Never heard of this guy but its fire! If you're out there let me know I'll add a link for you.

Shake Ya Ass - Mystikal (Stanley Knife Mix) Mystikal

This last one is one I found over from HollaBack Merle. I heard this on a couple guys mixtapes and actually my roommate was the one who put me onto Hot Chip, whats up marc?, but here is a hot remix of that and Pitbull.

Over and Over vs. Bojangles - Hot Chip vs. Pitbull (Diplo mix) Hot Chip

Posted on February 3, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.