Still Don't Like You - Diplo x Lil Jon Remixes

Probably still my favorite current song, U Don't Like Me by Lil Jon & Diplo. Here are a few new remixes of the track to keep it live for ya. The first one is a straight up silly dubstep remix from Heroes N Villains. Not sure who they are but this one kept showing up on my twitter feed. Bangs hard.

U DONT LIKE ME (HEROES N VILLAINS) - Diplo & Lil Jon download

The second one is a straight up party banger from the homey DJ Audio 1. Its a multi beat blend including bombs from everybody who has put out a top rap hit in the past few years. Wayne, Kanye, Jigga Man, Diddy, Lil Jon, T.I., etc.

U DONT LIKE ME (MULTI-BLEND) (DIRTY) - Lil Jon x Diplo x Audio1 download

Posted on July 14, 2010 and filed under Dance Tunes.