Stepping With Troll 2 - MSD

What up everyone!? TR0LL here again! Last post we were on some glitch hop, but THIS week we are going all the way to France to bring light to what I am to believe will be one of the bigger newcomers to the dubstep scene in 2012. Pierre Novi, AKA "MSD" has been producing music for the past 7 years. "I started with a mix between hip-hop and electronic kind of glitch-hop dubstep" claims Pierre. "I have also gone under the name "Delete", making remixes for Sebastien Tellier, La Roux, and several other artists". MSD has been rather quickly getting the support of BBC EXTRA1 and even producers such Plastician, Benga, and Cookie Monsta. Recently, MSD and Habstrakt put out the "Funk EP" on Heavy Artillery on February 13th. Peaking at #10 on the beatport charts, MSD has definitely put his foot in this music scene’s door, and he's not done yet! In fact, MSD has a debut single "No Forgo" coming out on Prime Dub March 13th, along with remixes from fellow French producers Habstrakt & Lokid! When asked "What would be some advice to other producers out there?" Pierre quickly responded, "Be yourself! Don't try to be like someone else! And always push the boundaries! Inspiration is everywhere..."

Be sure to keep a look out on MSD (And check out the previews for the NEW EP coming soon!), cause this badman is definitely on the rise!

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Posted on March 8, 2012 and filed under Dance Tunes, Dubstep, Stepping With Troll.