Shwayze & Cisco Adler are in the building! - Exclusive Interview

So in case you are still in the dark, Shwayze is sweeping through the nation right now on the Vans Warped Tour, rocking crowds and giving everyone a taste of what to come from his first album that drops August 18th. If you haven't heard "Buzzin," or any of the dope remixes, then turn off the radio and go read a blog or peep the new Pontiac commercial that features the MC and his Partner, Cisco. Shwayze is making some serious noise right now, so of course when we got an email that they'd like to chat about their new video, we couldn't say no. Speaking of...."Corona & Lime" premieres on MTV on 7/18 on a new show FN MTV, hosted by Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz. Also of course we had to share some new music....peep that after the interview.

RJ: What's up man? How you living?!

Cisco: I'm just getting crunk over here.

RJ: Beautiful, you just took away one of our questions actually.

Pete: I love it! So you guys are on the East Coast right now? Where you at?

Shwayze: Yea, we're in Florida. We're in St. Petersburg.

Cisco: Yea, we're gonna see the Kremlin today.

Pete: So Cisco, we were wondering if this was the first hip-hop project you've worked on.

Cisco: No No No. You know what, I'm a hip-hop head first actually.

RJ: O really?

Cisco: Yea, I've been makin beats since I was about 14. I did Mickey Avalon's record, I did Dirt Nasty's record, I've worked with Lil Jon, I worked with a whole bunch of people.

RJ: Wow, so how come you joined the band then?

Cisco: You mean Whitestarr? You know when I was 14, hip hop was my music, and then it sort of let me down as it grew and I kind of got into rock and then started working with all these different artists and got to do both you know what I mean? So now I just get to do everything.

RJ: I gotcha, I can dig that.

Shwayze: Yea. When I met this dude I didn't know he did hip hop, he surprised me really.

Cisco: I make the sickest beats on Earth, bro!

Shwayze: Yeah, Yea. Hear em out on the new Shwayze record, August 18th.

Pete: So you got a song on the album that isn't one of the videos we should be looking out for?

Cisco: Yea. Every one.

RJ: Ha. OK, what's your favorite?

Cisco: You know, we got a song called "James Brown is Dead." That's about the music industry and its state of affairs. We got "Corona and Lime," which is our next single. We just shot the video for that. So that one's coming next.

Shwayze: He obviously was asking about not videos.

Cisco: You know what, the record is deep. "Buzzin" is only the tip of the iceberg.

RJ: So whats the video like for "Corona and Lime?" We haven't got a chance to see it yet.

Cisco: You know what, it premiers on Friday night on MTV on the 18th.

Shwayze: Yeah, we're flying back to do it and they're gonna interview us or whatever too.

Pete: So you got a story behind the track?

Cisco: You mean behind "Corona and Lime?" I mean there is a funny story, cuz we were actually pretty much done with the record and Will I Am was looking for tracks. He heard "Buzzin," and he was like 'Dude I made 65 songs and I don't have one like "Buzzin!" So gimme one.' So I made "Corona & Lime" and just did the beat and the hook and sent it over to him, but his record was already done when I got it to him and Shwayze was hella bummed I was even sending it to him.

Shwayze: And not because it was him, just because it wasn't finished and I was like 'damn I wanna rock that!' So we got it after all and it worked out.

RJ: So what's the video like? Is it kinda the same feel as 'Buzzin?'

Shwayze: No it's totally different, you know. It's cool, you know we had this black and white scenario with the fish eye; a total hip hop vibe, it's very cool.

Cisco: Yea, and Shwayze drops in on the different cities. The song is about chicks from different cities.

RJ: So what are the chicks like down in Florida?

Shwayze/Cisco: We don't know. We haven't gotten outside yet.

Cisco: Nah, but last night we went out and partied and you know the chicks are beautiful just have to sniff 'em out.

Pete: So Cisco, were you the only producer on the album, did anybody else collaborate on the project?

Shwayze: Nah. He did the whole thing.

RJ: So what kinda gear you use Cisco?

Cisco: Well, I have a full studio. Pro Tools HD, a bunch of wild toys, guitars, basses, keyboards. I'm always collecting gear. But pro tools, I make all my beats in Pro Tools.

Pete: So WFGC is actually based out of the midwest, when are you stopping by Chicago?

Shwayze: Dude, I love Chi-town.

Cisco: Yea, Warped is coming there in like 2 or 3 weeks.

Pete: Right the Warped Tour. How you liking that?

Shwayze: The tour is amazing. It's my first tour, and Cisco's first Warped Tour. It's crazy, so many types of bands come out. But it's dope, it's really diverse, we have a lot of fans coming out. We'll go after a band like The Day to Remembers which is real heavy, then we'll come on, then another hard band like The 303. It's dope, real diverse.

Cisco: I think a bill like that is a better bill than if 80 bands all sound the same. Yea, you'll have to come out to that one, we'll hang.

RJ: So speaking of "Buzzin," you heard all the remixes of that yet?

Cisco: Hell yeah, we searched out the dopest dudes to make 'em.

RJ: Ok then, which one is your favorite then?

Cisco: My favorite is The Villains remix.

RJ: Ha. Yeah, I think that is how your guys found me, because that's the one I posted.

Cisco: There you go, there you go. That one's the sickest one. The Knocks did a really dope one.

Shwayze: I was gonna say, yeah, The Knocks did a really dope one as well. I mean, all of 'em are good.

Cisco: And Skeet Skeet did his own one with Wale on it. That's pretty sick too.

RJ: I'm definitely feelin' Wale right now too.

Shwayze: Yea. He's our label mate, he just got signed to Interscope.

RJ: So other than obviously your own records, what's your two favorite records out right now?

Shwayze: The Lil Wayne record is pretty dope. I've been bumpin that lately.

Cisco: Langhorn Slim. Check him out, he's a folk singer from New York.

RJ: I'm gonna have to check him out. That's a new one on me Cisco. Alright guys, one more question...what's your favorite sneaker of all time?

Cisco: Sneaker of all time?

Shwayze: You know what, I gotta stick to some classic Vans yo.

Cisco: Yea we're rockin Vans out here.

Shwayze: Yea. Other than that, of course I used to rock all the Jordan's.

Cisco: You know what I mean? The low-top black Jordan's with the spackley gray paint thing on the front.

RJ: Pretty ill! Splatter paint is sick!

Thanks again to everybody for making this happen! Don't forget to go support some real dudes and pick up the album when it drops August 18th.

Buzzin - Shwayze & Cisco Adler (The Villains Remix) - YSI | Speedyshare

Buzzin - Shwayze & Cisco Adler (The Knocks Remix) - YSI | Speedyshare

FYI I hadn't heard the Knocks remix before the guys mentioned it and is SICK!

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