Saturdays for you to see, what your life can truly be!

Its Saturday and I'm posting... Well my girl is sleeping off her Friday night and I'm kind of trying to hype myself up for the night. Last minute but I'm going to play a huge-mega-freakin sweet party tonight, should be a blast. 13 djs is the most recent count I believe, at an apartnment-ish sort of place downtown. So come check that out! Me and McFly will be wrecking from 12-1, should not be missed. With him jet setting to chicago every weekend we don't ever play together anymore. Trexx told me its going to be off the freakin chain so don't miss it.

It has been a while since I have written this much. Its kind of nice not being rushed through this in my morning routine because I can't wake up as early as I used to. Anyway as far as music goes, I'm geeked to out of my normal set tonight. I have been digging some housier tunes lately like the one below I first heard on a Benzi tape. Killer ish from Neoteric.

Speaking of ish...Congratulations to everyone who copped a 'Yea I'm the Shit Up in this Bitch" shirt. You may notice they are no longer available. Now they are even more exclusive than before! I got a letter from Class's lawyer on Thursday asking me to kindly take them down before they would be forced to you know, sue my pants off. So live and learn, where I thought it would be a great idea to use Class's name in the title of the shirt for SEO, it certainly worked because well his legal eagles found it. So everybody who has one send me a pic!

how about them bears? cutler baby!

She Got Me On (Neo's Bones N Kats Edit) - Paul Johnson download

Posted on April 18, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes.