PURPL Pop Remix Competition

Well kids its time to put in some work. Our homies, PURPL PoP, and WFGC are running a remix contest for their new jam The Way. Of course every single sort of genre is acceptable so get silly. You will find the tracked out version of the song below. PURPL PoP Remix Competition by Fat! Records

Winner of the whole contest will be featured on the actual records release along with remixes by Foamo and some of their other favorite remixers. Not only that but with White Folks Get Crunk being an official sponsor of the contest, you'll win a a few White Folks Get Crunk T Shirts and get your remix featured on the site as well. So get to loading up your software right now, the remix entry deadline is July 30th. In case you forgot the track here is the original.

The Way – PURPL PoP download

To submit your remix upload them to soundcloud or youtube or wherever and comment the link on this post. Good luck!

Posted on July 1, 2010 and filed under Contest, Dance Tunes.