Paper Route Recordz Interview and Exclusive Joint!

OK I have been jamming that Huntsville music for a few years now, ever since that Lac's and Prices first popped up on the BET late night show....what was that called again? Does that still air? (If anybody has "I Ain't Got No Panties On, On the Dancefloor" do hook that up please!) Anyway back on track.... These dudes have been making some big noise, especially in some nontraditional ways. Such as doing a recent mixtape with the one and only Diplo. The homey Noetik got a chance to holler at them and here is what they had to say!

1. How in the hell did you guys hook up with Diplo?

Our manager initially hooked it up, let Diplo hear our stuff and it just took off. We officially meet at last years SXSW.

2. Before that track with Diplo were you guys ever into the electro music scene or remix & alternative culture period? I've been to a few techno clubs. lol. Actually we're into alot of alternative music and sounds.

3. Where did the name Paper Route Gangstaz & Recordz come from?

Me and Mali Boi was at AppleBees one day and it just came to me. He was like "hell yea, i got an idea for the logo"...went home and he came up with the logo. And as far as the "gangstaz" part, we Gz...PRGz.

4. Can you breakdown all the current members of your crew and who does what? Fo Sho. You have Mali Boi who handles most of the production, Jhi Ali, Gunt1/3 and Mata who make X.O., Big P.O.P.E. and myself Dawgy Baggz...combined PRGz.

5. I have been jamming your tunes for a few years now, like most people who are in tune to the internet music scene. What is the difference between Slow Motion/Paper Route/Block Beataz etc.

Slow Motion is where everything orginated from. Its where we learned to make this music and produce this sound. After some differences, some artist joined me to help create Paper Route Recordz. Block Beataz is the main production for both companies. And for the record Slo Mo still fam.

6. Who is the main producers in your crew? And where does your sound come from far as like the direction you guys look to go in usually?

Mali Boi is the primary producer. The sound just comes from our environment. We live in Huntsville, AL so its a tad bit different from a bigger, faster, more diverse city...but, the same shit goes on. We talk about our lives. We dont make music for any certain genre or crowd, we do music for our city. We tell our story.

7. How many albums have you collectively dropped?


8. What is the local scene like down in Huntsville?

Its HuntsVegas baby...jackpot city. Everything moving, everything all ball. You got a small city full of big dreams, talent and hustlas.

You guys constantly doing shows in Bama?

Several shows...My main thing is shows outside of Bama now though. I think after 8yrs its time to try and snatch the rest of the country.

9. Since you guys are working with a great management team behind you now what is the future of your career looking like? any deals on the table we can know first about?

We have a little something going on, we will see what '09 holds. And yes, Dan "The muthafuckin man" Weisman is a great manager, none of this would be possible without his input. Shot out to Weisman.

10. Are you guys going to get involved in the whole blogging and twitter hoopla going on anytime soon?

According to our Internet Director that'll be a part of the new as of now join us on myspace @

Be sure to check these boys out! And now the goods....

Grandaddy (Featuring Mata & Mr. Marcellus) download