October Crunk Girl of the Month - Shena

Here we have it. Our October Crunk Girl of the Month. And what do you know. Its the beginning of October! As always thanks to Shena for being such a sport and hanging out with Vuji while he takes her picture. And of course a big thank you to the Vuj (love the new logo btw) for taking the photos, finding the girls, coordinating everything for the Crunk Girls. This month Shena is rocking our brand new hot pink 'diamond mesh' logo T.

Name : Kashena "Shena" Cook Occupation : Nursing Home Waitress/Model Age : 18 Hometown : New Albany, Mississippi

If we met at a bar, what should I buy you? Vodka and Oj on the rocks!

What's your ultimate fantasy date? My ultimate fantasy date would be full of surprises, not necessarily spending a whole lot of money, but very spontaneous, a smile should never leave my face, something a little more unique than dinner and movies.

If you were stuck on an island, what would you bring with you? If i were stuck on an island I would bring my cell phone, laptop, chargers, hair curlers, FOOD and kim kardashian posters.

Favorite vacation spot? Favorite vacation spot would be any Caribbean Island Resort

What are some of your pet peeves? Pet Peeves: People in my personal space, having to wait on others (impatient), liars, and when people walk so close behind me that they step on the back of my heels (ugh!)

Boys who cry - yay or nay? Boys who cry-hmm, depends on why they cry, if they cry more than me, definately NAY!, but everyone likes when a guy can show his sensitive side.

Ever been skinny dipping? No never been skinny dipping, but its at the top of my things to try ;)

Beer Bong or Keg Stand? Beer Pong!!!!

What do you wear to sleep? If it covers more than 65% of your body, you lose. I usually just wear underwear and a t-shirt to bed, or just go commando!

If you could spend the day with three famous people, who would they be? 1.Kim Kardashian 2.Chris Brown 3.Warren Buffett.

I figured I'd throw a bonus track in for this month as well. Nicki kills this Big Sean record, now make that mu-fugger hammer time.

Big Sean - Dance (A$$) (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj