New New Ish

OK WTF Looking like they are not the music bloggers savior anymore. Only 1,000 downloads. Digital Dave topped that out in a wink. And now the last few posts files are lost (side note you can still download them all in one zip on the right). OK zshare burnt us all once big time, however I'm going to use them for the time being until I finish building my own file share thing. O yes its coming. Plus, here are some new jammers for yall. Enjoy your weekend. Might hear from me tomorrow, might not. Depending on how I feel in the morning and how early I can get up. If you're in the P, come catch me tonight with Matt Chavez over at Cam's on Farmington Road! BTW Solly freaking murdered this joint. I have heard a few people take a stab at B'moring this up, and in my opinion, which of course a good number of you will tell me sucks, killed it and took it exactly where it needed to be.

Bonus points for killer artwork even if it isn't INOJ.

My Boo (Solly Remix) - Ghosttown DJs download

The Choice Is Yours (Breakdown Remix) - Black Sheep download Dope remix that kicks it into the OG and then back up to dance tune speed.

Posted on June 18, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes.