New In My Head Remix - Jason Derulo

Pretty dope straightforward remix of the current Derulo joint. Will work in most spots, I've been jamming this on the regular. Here is the explanation of what is going on with Mop Top and the new group from him. "Mix-N-Mash brings together two of Chicago’s most talented DJ's. After the Break up of the group “Starters DJs”, Dj Mop Top and Dj Trentino decided to combine forces to take the world by storm. Best known for there mix-tape entitled “Don’t Be Scared” and over 20 years of experience between the two there is no doubt why every time these two get together it creates explosive outcomes. With Mop Top’s long blends and live mashups alongside with DJ Trentino’s world class turntablism and live drumming, these two will make even the most stubborn crowds get on there feet. Fresh off the road Trentino & Mop Top share with us their first remix of Jason Derulo’s new single “In my Head.” Mixing and Mashing together Trentino’s pop touch and Mop Top’s electronic feel, this track crosses over between both the top 40 audiences and 'ALT' crowds. Enjoy!"

In My Head - Jason Derulo (Mix-N-Mash Remix) download