Nasty Girls are Accepted - Beyonce vs. Calvin Harris

I am really starting to dig Calvin Harris, and I'm pretty sure nobody I know has any clue who he even is. Well plus my friends are lame. My buddy Hollaback Merl posted a slew of Calvin Harris tracks for an upcoming show. Hadn't heard this mashup before. Pretty dope. Not a huge fan of the Beyonce track but anything that lets me play more Calvin Harris I am a fan of. Sounds a little funny at the start when she is doing the oh oh oh oh thing, but this track rocks pretty hard well done Mark J.

Nasty Girls are Accepted - Beyonce vs. Calvin Harris (Mark J Mix) YSI | Speedyshare

Destiny's Child - Survivor - Nasty Girl Download Nasty Girl off iTunes!

Calvin Harris - I Created Disco - Acceptable In the 80's Download Acceptable in the 80's off iTunes!

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Posted on April 24, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.