MSTRKRFT, NORE, Oh Snap - Rave Rap has arrived folks

Yea I think N.O.R.E & MSTRKRFT doing a record together, i repeat doing a record together, that pretty much does it for me. It's Going Down. Really surprised that N.O.R.E. was up on this, but I mean I guess his career hasn't been much for a 3 or 4 years now so why not. Still came as a surprise he doesn't seem like the type of rapper to try something new to me. Oh Snap, everybody's fave fat hipster, comes through with a nice verse too to start things off. Now I need to call Strayz and let him know we need to do this for realz. img_3557.jpg

Bounce - N.O.R.E. (Oh Snap Bootleg Remix) YSI | Speedyshare 

Oh Snap!! - New Snap!! City - I'm Too Fat to Be a Hipster Download I'm too fat to be a hipster off iTunes!

N.O.R.E. Download N.O.R.E. off iTunes!

MSTRKRFT Download MSTRKRFT off iTunes!

Posted on April 16, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.