More Lil Wayne than ya'll know what to do with

Is it just me or does Lil Wayne run the blogs these days? Well get ready for one more brought to you courtesy of our homegirl, yep the hottest chick with pink hair I know, Dani Deahl. Not to mislead you the track was done by Paul Anthony and ZXX. For the type of people I play to this track is mad long so look for a Real Juicy quicker edit coming soon. But listen real loud until just over 2 minutes in. The beat gets nuts...really it changes so many times you gotta listen to the whole joint, way at the end about 6 minutes in it gets real ill again. Sick programming guys.

A Millie (Paul Anthony and ZXX Remix) - Lil Wayne zshare

Posted on September 5, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.