May Crunk Girl of the Month

Name: Tierney Age 24 Hometown Peoria

Most embarrassing moment? don’t get embarrassed to easily

What’s on under those jeans? nothing

Secret talent? booty make it "clap"

How many Taco Bell tacos could you eat in a sitting? 7

Favorite place to vacation? AZ

Who is the hottest Disney character? Simba -the lion king

Handcuffs & feathers or whips & chains? Handcuffs and whiips and chains

Have you ever made a boy cry?  just the other day ;)

What do you wear to sleep? If it covers more than 65% of your body, you lose. naked

Shout out to the lovely Tierney and as always Vuji for the photots.

Posted on June 12, 2011 and filed under Crunk Girl of the Month, Dance Tunes, Stuff.