Luny P is in the place to be!

What up Luny P? Seriously folks this cat is not to be f'd with, killer B'more coming a long way from Baltimore...all the way down under. Sydney, Australia. Can't wait to hear more LP keep us posted! First time I heard the Video Killed mix I couldn't stop listening. Each time he beats the first note out on the hook it sends chills up my whole body, I love it! Don't Sleep.

Cant Stop Me Around The World (B'more/Party Break) - Luny P YSI | Speedyshare

Sweaty (LunyP Sweaty Baltimore Mix) - Muscles YSI | Speedyshare

Video Killed the Radio Star (lunyp drive by shooting in baltimore edit) - The Bugglers YSI | Speedyshare

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Posted on June 6, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.