Look at Me Now (Prod. by Diplo & Afrojack) Kid Cedek Remix

The ATL homey, Kid Cedek, beefs up the new Diplo & Afrojack produced Chris Brown jam. Touched it up with some samples and a bit more percussion. Check it out, his additions really gets this joint closer to where I think the potential is but I'm really not too confident this is going to even get considered by radio. They will probably just stick to the 128 bpm jams Chrissy boy is putting out. Even with a verse from Busta Rhymes and Weezy F Baby. To be honest after looking at the cast on this jam and then hearing it for the first time I was pretty let down myself. Does anyone have an uptempo remix of this yet? Something with a little more movement maybe?

Look at Me Now {Prod. by Diplo & Afrojack} KID CEDEK REMIX by Kid Cedek

Posted on January 18, 2011 and filed under Dance Tunes.