LMFAO Mujave Township mashup

Heat right here. Haven't listened to this on anything but earbuds yet. And its one of those mashups where both OGs were used. No acapella over an instrumental. Its sorta like they just played them both at once. Seems to work out. Maybe a few clashes, but seriously sounds awesome most of the way. Something about the Township synth line with Lil Jon over it gives me chills. Just found this over at the dj remix user site, where you should be uploading your remixes to! Seriously this photo was on ehow.com under how to make jell-o shots

Big shout out to Universal Exports. Haven't heard form you before this, but good work.

Township Shots - LMFAO x Mujave (Universal Exports Mashup) download

Posted on February 23, 2010 and filed under Dance Tunes.