Let's Party

First cut....more around the world remixes...they never stop coming, this one stands out new verses from preZZure and peep the dope breakbeat over the track. Round the World - preZZure YSI | Speedyshare

Electro goody clowning on how everything is retro...i still love my dunks and air force ones, and I'll keep rocking them after its still no long fashionable :)

Retro - DJ So What! feat. Nick Flash YSI | Speedyshare

And of course another remix of In the Club by Usher. This one is really for the mainstream floors, close to the original and done up at the 130 bpm range. Extra synth works goes great..Well done. And this one has the rap, which many of the dance remixes left out.

In This Club (R.E.E.O Mix 2008 Version) YSI | Speedyshare

Usher Download Usher off iTunes!

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Posted on June 10, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes.