Kasper from the K Interview

I don't know about the rest of the country, but around where I'm from "Whatchu Gonna Do" is blazing the radio waves. A few weeks ago he came around to do a show and we met up with Kasper from the K at the after party. Whatcha Gonna Do (Real Juicy Mix) - Kasper from the K x Sneaky Sound System x Gloves zippy | mp3

How long have you been spitting for? I've been doin this for about 12 13 years. The past 3 years I've been doing it more on the professional side of things...meaning in the studio around professional people, graduated out the closet into a real booth.

What is the local scene like in Henderson? Do you work with a lot of other artists and perform in your area? The local scene is pretty much like any other city big or small, everyone is trying to do there music thing. Yes i do work with other artists in the area as much as possible. I try not to fool with to many tho, I'll take a listen or check and see what they want out of music and decide whether or not to do a track. I don't like wasting time or jumpin on a track that i feel isn't moving me forward in ways. I've pretty much performed it up every where in my home town as well as Evansville Indiana. I at least try and make appearances etc. I've done numerous bday parties, things like that as well. Its all about the kids to me. They are the future and the buyers.

Who makes your beats? Who did Whatcha Gonna Do? Joel Hopper (HOP) made the beat to watchagondo as well as 99 percent of my other beats. He is my DR DRE and I'm like his EM. When we get together and bang out a track its like magic. Ken Lewis threw the final mix on it. He has done numerous things for platinum artists such as KANYE WEST Fall out boy, and also somethings with the PUSSYCAT DOLLS etc.

How did you connect with EO Music in Cincinnati? As my buzz grew around my home town, it soon reached the ears of professionals who liked what they heard and decided to check in to me even further.

How did your relationship with Peoria Radio come about? It’s a long way from Kentucky. Peoria Radio was one of the firsts to pick up on whatchagondo as it was released nationwide. I owe it to BIG D and the rest of his crew in Peoria for believing in the song and adding it into regular rotation.

How many times have you been to Peoria so far? I've been into Peoria 3 times so far and every time the hospitality has been great. I definitely would say to other artists theres a great club atmosphere in P town and to see bout getting there asap. I vouch for Peoria.

7. I know you just dropped an EP on iTunes that everybody needs to pick up, anytime soon to hear an album from you? Definitely gonna hear a full album soon. I'm sitten on several songs and also working on a few other projects as we speak. Just adding a little polish to somethings to get ready for 09. You mentioned iTunes also just got ringtones up for Whatchagondo TEXT KASPER1 to 71777 for Shake It Down TEXT KASPER2 to 71777. What is your favorite pair of sneakers right now? My favorite pair of kicks right now would have to be these new BLACK n WHITE JORDANs i just swooped up a few days ago. I've started to get my shoe game up a lil bit. I've had these Havanah Joes i got in Cinci for about a year and still lookin for that outfit that will set em off in this M*%^$#*&^%$R haaaaahaaaa WHITE FOLKS GET CRUNK! The Js are my new favorite tho.

The track is bananas. I love the use of the 80's track, I mean who doesn't dig the 80's? Check it out and be sure to cop it on iTunes.

Posted on November 17, 2008 and filed under Dance Tunes, Interviews.