I'm the Ish for reals with Lil Jon?

Yea its finally hapened. Lil Jon has made his way onto a B'more Record! And I don't mean as a sample. A legit remix of probably my favorite B'more jam of all time with the man who inadvertently helped make the sound what it is today. I have some mixed feelings on this but hey whats the worst that could happen? Lil Jon drops a B'more track for every R&B singer and rapper in Atlanta next year and the sound gets totally washed out? Oh well. I was geeked when I heard JD and Trey Songs over this track but this one really has taken it to another level. Shout out to Crossfaded Bacon!

I'm the Shit (Clean - Lil Jon Remix) - DJ Class feat. Lil Jon download

Posted on January 28, 2009 and filed under Dance Tunes.